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It is a non-profit organization that seeks for women to have the necessary knowledge, ability and supportive policies that enable them to make sound health decisions in their lives by providing reliable information, effective programs and strategic contribution to directing policies that serve women's health in the Kingdom. Our ambitions extend beyond just providing health information, but our goal is to stimulate a culture of dialogue, influence and change.

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The browsing experience is based on the ease of getting what you want. The team began searching for the best technology that would allow the site to be more efficient in performance. We see the long-term payoff in the speed of loading the home page. With good planning, anything is possible! The site works in a smooth manner, its pages are linked to each other, giving you a unique browsing experience.

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Website UI.


A strong platform that needs strong support and a control panel with many options to ensure that the site is always updated with the latest offers and services. We handed over the Español Control Panel to the site and trained his team to use it in the best way.

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