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We were honored to implement a project to design and program the Enjaz Fawry platform for commenting and completing government transactions, as the platform is considered a digital intermediary between customers wishing to complete government transactions and between the commenting offices and specialized notifiers, while enabling customers to follow the status of baptismal and commenting requests from within their accounts on the platform at any time and from Anywhere. In designing and programming the Injaz Fawry platform, we took care to simplify the user experience, as the customer can easily create a new account and choose the type of government transaction he wants to complete, such as requesting a transfer of sponsorship, authorizing a visa, or canceling a commercial register, and other follow-up services in the Labor Office, the Ministry of Commerce, Investment, Traffic, and government agencies. Then he submits the request through the platform, where his request is transmitted to one of the commenting offices or trackers approved on the platform to complete it as quickly as possible.


Logo Design.

In addition to the attractive colors, the team's designers worked to highlight a unique identity for Enjaz-Fawry. The paper expresses the government transactions and the initial website letters are the two main components of the logo. With a commitment to visual identity in creating and designing everything related to Enjaz-Fawry, with the highest level of professionalism.

Client logo
client desc
client desc

Arabic Logo.

More than one shape of the logo, all of them represent Enjaz-Fawry, the designers' work to create a similar Arabic logo in line with the main logo for immediate completion to ensure easy accessibility for all target groups.


After studying the objectives of the project and the target groups, shades of purple and green were chosen to express the visual identity for immediate achievement. Colors are comfortable to look and extinguish the identity of safety and luxury, helped to highlight a distinctive shape for an immediate achievement that a customer remembers just by looking at similar colors.

color images

Web Development.

Enjaz-Fawry provides many services to individuals and companies and a mediator between respondents and service seekers. Therefore, it was not easy to build a platform with this strength without good planning for each existing feature and ensuring the best efficiency for the site’s workflow with the latest technologies and the best protection methods. A complete platform with special programming with many features, such as electronic payment gateways in more than one way, sending notifications, and many other features of the site. After this effort, we can proudly invite you to visit the platform now and try its services.

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website images

Website UI.

By using the distinctive logo colors, the team created a smooth user interface that allows a distinctive presentation of all Enjaz-Fawry services. From the home page, for example, you can browse all available services and assess the general situation for immediate delivery by reviewing customer reviews. A distinctive window with an exceptional hero, used by more than a thousand active users who are happy with the browsing experience


A strong platform needs strong control panel with a lot of options to ensure that the site is always updated with the latest offers and services. We have delivered Enjaz-Fawry a site control panel and trained its team to use it in the best way.

dashboard images

Mobile Application.

With more than 60% of Saudis active users of smartphones, the Kingdom leads the world in the number of mobile phone users. It was necessary to provide a mobile application that performs the tasks of the site with the same efficiency. The team has developed two mobile applications that work efficiently on types of phones for both Android and iPhone

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Mobile App Development.

Mobile App Screen
Mobile App Screen
Mobile App Screen
Mobile App Screen
Mobile App Screen
Mobile App Screen
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