Websites and Mobile apps Maintenance and Management Services .

Due to the large number of technical details related to the operation and management of websites, e-stores and mobile applications, some companies and institutions prefer to delegate these tasks to a professional software company to handle the technical problems that may arise at any time, as well as to save high costs for hiring IT staff. If you have a website, online store or mobile application and you want a professional software to take over the responsibility of its maintenance and management programming, we are here for you.

Data Entry and Editing Services

After creating your website or online store, you need to enter and modify the data and prices of the products that you offer frequently, in addition to creating new offers and discounts. So we will be responsible for entering and modifying the data and saving you a lot of time to manage and grow your business.

This service also includes the creation of product catalogs for the online advertising platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok, so you will be able to create dynamic ads and retarget those who interested in your products, as well as connecting your store to the Google Merchant Center to be able to promote your products efficiently on Google search engine.

Websites and Apps Maintenance

Many may think that the journey of creating the website or mobile application is over once the final version is ready to run online, but the fact is that the journey is at its beginning, as managing the website or application requires technical support to ensure that it operates correctly, this can be done whether by hiring full-time IT specialist, or delegating the task to a professional software company.

We at WebSTDY do the heavy lifting for you, as our maintenance service includes regular technical checkup of your website or application and conducting the necessary tests to ensure that it maintains a high performance level suitable for the number of visits and operations that occur on it.

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