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Espitalia is the leading online healthcare platform for physician reservation and clinic management organization program in the Middle East and North Africa region. We are leading the electronic and automatic conversion of doctors, clinics and hospitals' reservations to make high-quality healthcare accessible in the Arab region. With the help of over 200,000 verified and reviewed reviews, patients can search, compare, and book with the best doctors instantly. Doctors can also provide an easy and hassle-free healthcare experience thanks to the organization program for managing clinics from Estephalia. Currently, Estephalia operates in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Levant and the Emirates. We aspire to master all aspects of the healthcare industry and continue to launch products that make a positive difference in people's lives.

Web Development.

Espitaliaa's browsing experience depends on how easy it is to get what you want. With over 24,200,000 reviews installed and viewed, you have countless offers, so you need a smart way to view them all. The team started looking for the best technologies that would make the site more efficient to perform. We see the long-term return in homepage load speed. With good planning, anything is possible! The site operates in a seamless manner, and its pages are linked to each other, giving you a unique browsing experience.

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Website UI.


A strong platform that needs strong support and a control panel with many options to ensure that the site is always updated with the latest offers and services. We handed over Espitaliaa Control Panel to the site and trained his team to use it in the best way.

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Mobile Application.

Developing an effective mobile application has been in our sights since the beginning. The team has developed two applications on both Apple and iPhone that give a distinct experience to its customers to build an effective communication channel that is always present in the hands of its users, sending them notifications of the latest offers!

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Mobile App Development.

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Mobile App Screen
Mobile App Screen
Mobile App Screen
Mobile App Screen
Mobile App Screen
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