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The first guide to book appointments of cosmetic and dental clinics in the Kingdom to help you reach the best and most appropriate way to beauty and get the best service in cosmetic and dental clinics View the opinions and reviews of other clinic visitors to learn more about the clinic and its services, facilitate communication and the ability to book your appropriate appointment at the clinic of your choice

Web Development.

After drawing the main points in a cashfia website, Webstdy teams have developed a powerful and effective platform between cosmetic and dental clinics and their visitors, allowing the patient to browse and book an appointment near his geographical surroundings. Cashfia has two destinations from the website, one for patients and the other for clinics, to provide the platform with the latest offers and clinics news. By focusing on advanced search features, the site saves a lot of effort on its visitors to access available clinics, their evaluations and book an appointment with them with a few clicks without navigating to other pages. All protection systems have been tested by webstdy teams to ensure the information security of the website

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Website UI.

The user interface for Cashfia is the main factor for success, a simple user interface that enables the client to search and book an appointment easily is what the team of UI worked on. Using the colors of the visual identity in all the pages of the site to build a clear brand for detection in the long term and fixing the image and colors of the identity in the imagination of users.


Adding and managing all services in the control panel by a cashfia team, allows you to renew content and always add the latest offers. The control panel allows the Cashfia teams to manage the site’s content and add new articles, as well as customer management programs that help cashfia to follow up on site visitors and reservations and work on any problems immediately. The control panel allows adding more than one user with different roles and permissions to accommodate the scope of work.

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