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Mansour Slaughterhouse works in selling, slaughtering, packing and delivering the best municipal sheep with refrigerated cars throughout the year in all regions of Riyadh, high quality and reasonable prices for our products

Web Development.

At Webstady, we always begin by asking about the client's needs in the first phase, which clearly ends with the site’s engineering and the most important features that the team will work on. With Mansour, the team made suggestions to make the ordering experience from the website distinctive, which helped Mansour increase the return on his online investments. With a strong platform that brings you consumers to show them your products and the most important characteristic of your products builds a good communication bridge with your customers that transforms them in the long run into loyal, permanent customers, a good investment always pays off. If you are a resident of Riyadh, we would love to invite you to try Mansour.shop.

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Website UI.

By displaying products, encouraging users to order online, the website has achieved its main goal, so we sought to create a simple user interface that enables the customer to easily browse the site. The team used the colors of the visual identity of Mansour in all the details of the site, while always maintaining the comfort of the eye while browsing the pages of the site.


Webstdy team developed a control panel that allows Mansour to add more than one user with different permissions, as well as managing business workflow by adding suppliers, tracking inventory, orders, and a database of its customers. Full control over the content of the site to allow Mansour to always update the website with latest offers.

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Mobile Application.

The mobile team closed the rest of the cycle to Mansour. We have developed a mobile application on both iPhone and Android devices. Easy use mobile application promoting the latest offers allows Mansour to gain users' trust , as the application allows access to its customers by sending notifications of the latest offers. Mobile applications are the language of the era, with easy navigation, quality content and attractive offers, we can guarantee definite success in selling steps and converting your customers to your loyal customers.

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Mobile App Development.

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Mobile App Screen
Mobile App Screen
Mobile App Screen
Mobile App Screen
Mobile App Screen
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