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Saleh Group for cars started its journey in 1995 with few cars and a lot of enthusiasm and hope for the future to become the largest authorized car distributor in the Kingdom for more than 24 of the most popular car brands in Saudi Arabia. With God's help, we were able to gain the trust of our customers whether of the government sector or of the largest private companies that trusted us to supply and develop their vehicle fleet, in addition to hundreds of thousands of customers who were happy with our services over the past years. it was great working on salehcars.com, we would love to share with you the project details

Web Development.

The browsing experience at salehcars.com is based on the ease of getting what you want. With more than 24 brands of cars, you find countless offers, you need a smart way to display them all. The team began to search for the best technology that would allow the website the best performance efficiency. We see the long effort payoff in the homepage loading time. With good planning everything is possible! The site works in a smooth way, its pages are linked to each other, making a unique browsing experience that takes you in its virtual world. With simple clicks, you can view your favorite brand in all available models, compare them, and book the desired car.

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Website UI.

We used the yellow and red logo colors to create an attractive user interface that expresses Saleh Group and comfortable browsing experience to build the best experience for Saleh Group customers and encourage them to make a purchase decision.


Webstdy team delivered an effective control panel and trained saleh group team how to use it to ensure that the website's content is always updated. By renewing the offers and adding the latest pictures of the displayed cars, Saleh Group guarantees a powerful website equipped to receive and serve its customers with the best efficiency to achieve the best performance rates.

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Mobile Application.

With the Kingdom ranked first in the number of smart phone users in the world, developing an effective mobile application was our focus from the beginning. The team has developed two apps on both Apple and iPhone that give a unique experience to their customers ,building an effective communication channel that is always in the hands of its users, sending its notification with the latest offers!

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Mobile App Development.

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Mobile App Screen
Mobile App Screen
Mobile App Screen
Mobile App Screen
Mobile App Screen
Mobile App Screen
Mobile App Screen
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